Interview With Jonathan Daniel Pryce


Jonathan Daniel Pryce is an award winning Scottish photographer who lives in London, UK. Jonathan is known for his signature street style photography.

Jonathan’s publications include : 100 BEARDS, 2012 - GENTLEMEN, 2015 - GARÇON STYLE, 2019.

His clients include some of the world’s most renowned fashion magazines including, Vogue GQ, Esquire, and Mr. Porter.

We caught up with him to discuss his grooming routine, hair style icons and what he considers to be ‘The Goodlife’.

Photo (courtesy of author)

Photo (courtesy of author)

What got you into photography to start with?

I've been interested in image making since I was a child. I remember looking through my parents record collection and while my sister was reading the lyrics along to the music and I was staring at the artwork. It wasn't until I was 17 that I started to take photography seriously and I bought a 35mm film camera and a Polaroid to take photos of friends. 

Why did you decide to focus on street style?

I loved reading i-D and The Face, magazines that often featured street style. Being from a small town in Scotland it made the world feel like a place I wanted to explore - these were real people who looked incredible and, to my mind, were just walking down the street in London. I wanted to know more about their lives. When I studied photography I thought I'd try street portraits and that opened the door. Little did I know a decade later I would be releasing a book of over 500 street portraits

Which city have you found the most stylish from your experiences capturing the men on the street?

I love Paris during fashion week. It has the most international crowd and on any given day I could photograph a buyer from Tokyo, a journalist from Athens and a stylist from Mexico City. Garçon Style focuses on the fashion capitals: New York, Milan, Paris and my home, London. Each place has it's own aesthetic which I really tried to illustrate in the book.

You are the man behind 100 Beards, how do you feel this trend has moved on, or is it here to stay? 

In 2012 I made the 100 Beards book and I had no idea how much impact it would have. Beards reached their peak popularity around 2013 so it marked a real shift in the zeitgeist. In 2019, the beard is definitely here to stay. The men who really suit beards have retained theirs - now it's not uncommon to see bankers and lawyers wearing facial hair. That was not the case back in the day.

Do you have any travel essentials (aside from your camera), style or grooming wise?

I am a minimalist when it comes to packing and I travel so much I really have the essentials down. I always bring light layers, no matter the season. That is usually a pair of wide-leg chinos that can be formal or casual, a set of black tshirts and a thin cashmere sweater. Most of my wardrobe is navy or black so everything coordinates. In my toiletries bag you would find water-based hair clay, moisturiser with SPF 30 and nail clippers. I always find it's important to bring smart shoes as well as trainers when I'm away from home. An external battery pack can always come in handy too.

Photo (courtesy of author)

Photo (courtesy of author)

As a clearly stylish gent, who or what would you describe as your main hair influences?

I like natural hair that's not overworked. I don't get my haircut too often, perhaps once every 6-8 weeks, and I have a natural wave so I want a cut that will grow out well and is easy to style in the morning. I love Jude Law's hair in the Talented Mr Ripley, though mine won't sit the same way. 

Jude Law, The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999

Jude Law, The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999

Jude Law, The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999

Jude Law, The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999

You’ve focused on beards as part of your work previously, how rigorous is your own grooming routine?

I'm a simple guy. In the morning, most of my time is spent cleaning my teeth. I wash my face, moisturise and rub some product in my hair, then go.

Any grooming mishaps every man should avoid?

I'm not a fan of overly plucked eyebrows. 

Finally, what do you consider to be The Goodlife? 

Sitting back with a cup of tea and a good book. My shelves are filled with photobooks and when I'm at home I get up early so I can re-discover a different one in the morning before I start work.

Jonathan’s new book "Garçon Style" will be published in September 2019 by Laurence King.

You can order your copy below