Meet The Birmingham Team.

Goodlife Birmingham is in the very stylish Great Western Arcade situated in the heart of Birmingham's thriving city centre.

When you walk in, you're greeted with the sense 'wow these guys are cool' and yes they are, however not in an arrogant unwelcoming demeanor but in an inspiring and influencer way!

These guys are leading the way in British Barbering & putting Birmingham on the map for men's grooming.


Daniel - The Beard.

Daniel is the store manager and is the coolest looking dude I've seen in a long time. Head to toe in all black, tattoos and that beard.

He runs a really relaxed yet tight ship when you visit you are met with a touch of luxury, a beautiful relaxing decor, a beer or coffee plus an excellent playlist on the Goodlife radio.

These guys have great taste in music.


Josh - Team Handsome.

Josh is the cheeky one in the team, full of life, and loves his job. He's also has a massive crush on Ariel from Disneys, The Little Mermaid; he even has a phone cover with her on, now that's love!

He loves to travel and enjoys a good old music festival!


Shaafi - Joy Division

Shaafi is the effortlessly cool one; he is in a band, really proud of his heritage and is a poet.

I mean in his 20’s living in a society where music is now predominately made on an Apple computer, his influences are bands like Joy Division, Black Sabbath and bands who actually play music.

This guy knows!


Sally - A Woman’s Touch

Sally is the quiet, shy one. She loves to cut hair.

Sally is a lovely addition to a very male-dominated environment; she is beautiful and so talented.

When I spoke with Sally, she mentioned how she wants her client to leave feeling the best version of themselves. She really cares about her profession, which I believe is vital in being a sort after barber.

She also has a pet rabbit!


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